About us


What is the US Strengthlifting Federation?

The United States Strengthlifting Federation (USSF) is the first and only primarily online lifting federation. The USSF provides high quality and fun to participate in, online Powerlifting (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift), Strengthlifting (Press, Conventional Deadlift), and Exhibition events, Culminating into a yearly, highly competitive National Championship.

How Does an Online Competition Run?

Athletes from around the world submit videos of their best Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Press, or exhibition lift from the comfort of their home gym, garage gym, or in one of our supporting events around the world. Up to three attempts are submitted for each lift and are judged by a panel of USSF officials. At the end of two weeks totals are tallied, results posted and champions of each of our fourteen categories are awarded.

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Why Online?

Online competitions are ideal for a number of reasons but most importantly; competing online is more convenient, more fun, and focused on self-improvement.

Compete where you want to, when you want to, and how you want to. No need to spend time and money traveling, compete from the comfort of your own space, whether that is your own garage or home gym! No need to change your work schedule for an 8+ hour lifting event; complete your lift any day or spread it over multiple days. Anytime within the window of the competition is good! Have a bar that just feels perfect in the hands? Maybe you want to use kilo plates over freedom units? Hate the idea of a singlet and want to compete in your pajamas… you can!

Compete surrounded by the people of your choosing, listening to the music of your choice, in your own space and at your own pace. No need to watch an endless list of competitors that you do not know. Submit your own lifts and choose to watch only the lifts of others that matter to you.


Choose to attend one of our fun-focused lifting events around the world. Freed from the confines of a formal event, USSF gyms can run events that are more celebrations of success than anything else. Have a gym in your area that might be interested?

Powerlifting and Strengthlifting by their nature are sports focused on self-improvement. We cannot control who will show up to a competition and our performance is our own. It’s best if we can focus on improving our own performance and lifting one another up instead.

There is nothing like committing to putting your training on display to motivate your progress. Be assured with high quality judging that each of your attempts is a valid one. Be inspired by joining the community on our discord channel to celebrate achievements and to bring each other to new heights.

National Championship?

Every athlete that completes a total in any of our Powerlifting or Strengthlifting events within the year, are invited to compete for the title of National Champion at a once a year IN-PERSON event. The most hype, the biggest prizes, and the toughest competition the USSF has to offer!

National Championship Ruleset
2021 National Championship Event

USSF President: Jordan Stanton, BSN, PBC, Pn1

USSF President Jordan Stanton acquired the organization in September 2018 to bring the sport of Strengthlifting to more lifters around the world. As a competitor and administrator in both Powerlifting and Strengthlifting events, Jordan is determined to make the USSF the most fair and accessible organization in the sport, and deliver events all around the country that are both exciting to watch and meaningful to compete in.

Outside of the USSF Jordan spends his time helping others get strong as the owner of Next Level Barbell in Portland Oregon and as a Barbell Logic Online Coach.

Jordan’s best competitive lifts include 317.5 kg squat, 119 kg press, 215 kg bench press, and a 317.5 kg deadlift.