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2022 USSF Strengthlifting and Powerlifting Championships Results are Here!

Congratulations to our Champions! StrengthliftingAll Results: Lifter Women: Colleen SansoneBest Open Lifter: Nick MaggioBest Open Master: Gerald GoldingBest Women Master: Judy Peterson PowerliftingAll Results: Lifter Women: Katie LegerBest Open Lifter: John FustonBest Open Master: Tyson AdamsBest Women Master: Anne DavenportBest Junior Open : Jeffrey McAteer

Final Results for the 2022 Strengthlifting Final Qualifier

Champions Best Lifter Women – Christian Garrett Best Lifter Open – Jesse Kellerman (tied with Corey Smith but completed his total first!) Women Heavyweight – Christian Garrett Open Middleweight – Corey Smith Open Heavyweight – Jim Connors Open Master Middleweight – Jesse Kellerman Raffle 1 Winner – Jesse Kellerman – Three Months Barbell Logic Professional Coaching for…