2019 Barbell Logic Strengthlifting Exhibition – Online

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2019 Barbell Logic Strengthlifting Exhibition – Online

August 26, 2019 - September 2, 2019


Competition brings out the best in us and we want to bring the competition to you. Whether you lift in a commercial gym or a garage, lift in a singlet or in your pajamas, are a champion powerlifter or a brand-new novice, Barbell Logic and the United States Strengthlifting Federation would like to invite you to the BLOC Strenghlifting Exhibition. Join your community in a completely online lifting competition, and maybe set some new personal bests in the process!

From August 26th to September 2nd, athletes from around the world will submit their best Squat, Presses, and Deadlifts for glory, bragging rights, and a chance to win prizes!

Every Lifter

Receives a special USSF icon to display in the BLOC Family Slack Channel as well as a digital certificate detailing their accomplishments.

The Most Epic Lift

The Hyper-Trophy will be awarded for the most epic lift as determined solely at the discretion of the USSF President.

Additional Prizes

To be announced a future date, prizes will be awarded to the winners of each category:

Open Lightweight – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Open Heavyweight – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Women Lightweight – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Women Heavyweight – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Top Master Lightweight
Top Master Heavyweight
Top Junior Lightweight
Top Junior Heavyweight
Additional prizes to be awarded for coaching staff

The President’s Challenge

Jordan Stanton, the United States Strengthlifting President, in good faith would like to offer a special challenge. Any lifter that is able to out-total the president himself, will receive a free USSF membership for the year and will automatically qualify for the USSF championships in November.

Do not worry ladies, the president’s wife Erin Stanton, is willing to extend the same challenge.

This offer is contingent upon Jordan and Erin’s ability to safely compete based upon health and injury status.

Lifters compete in categories defined by sex, body weight, and age. There are twelve classes:

Open Division

Lightweight: Under 200lbs

Juniors: Under 21 years old
Adult: 21-39 years old
Masters: Over 40 years old

Heavyweight: Over 200lbs

Juniors: Under 21 years old
Adult: 21-39 years old
Masters: Over 40 years old

Women’s Division – Congenital Females

Lightweight: Under 150lbs

Juniors: Under 21 years old
Adult: 21-39 years old
Masters: Over 40 years old

Heavyweight: Over 150lbs

Juniors: Under 21 years old
Adult: 21-39 years old
Masters: Over 40 years old

Winners for each category are those with the highest total, determined by the summation of a lifter’s best Squat, Press, and Deadlift. If two lifters are tied, the lifter who submitted their lifts first will be declared the winner.

Video Submission

1. Lifters are allowed to submit up to three attempts for the Squat, the Press, and the Deadlift.
2. Lifts must be submitted between the dates of August 26th and September 2nd.
3. Lifts must be submitted with 48 hours of the attempt itself.
4. A lifter’s entire body must be visible throughout the lift from beginning to end.
5. Immediately after a lifter successfully completes an attempt, the lifter must visually identify the weight on the bar in one continuous recording.
6. The quality of the video, use of safety measures, and costume must allow for proper evaluation of the lift. Examples of the lifts being performed are available below.


All lifts will be judged by a USSF official for compliance with the ruleset. The detailed ruleset for the execution of the lifts can be found here. Lifts that clearly meet or do not meet the standard will be evaluated by a single official. Challenging or questionable lifts will be evaluated by a three-judge panel with judgment decided by a majority ruling.


Lifters must take proper safety precautions in performing their lifts. Most importantly during the squat, the lifter must have correctly set safety pins. Alternatively, a proper 2 or 4 side-spotter arrangement can be used. No backspotters are allowed.




Lifting Costume

1. The lifting costume should be sufficiently contrasting and tight as to allow proper evaluation of the lift. Singlets are not required.
2. The lifting costume must not be supportive in nature.
3. Belts are allowed on all three lifts and can be made of any material provided it does not exceed 4” along its width at any point.
4. Rubberized knee sleeves not exceeding 30cm in length or 7mm thickness are allowed. Knee sleeves must be non-fastening and non-adjustable.
5. Wrist wraps not to exceed 1m in length are allowed.
6. Elbow sleeves are allowed during the squat and deadlift but not during the press.


August 26, 2019
September 2, 2019
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