The USSF is under new ownership!

If I may have just a moment of your time…

After much discussion, Tom Campitelli has graciously accepted my offer and the United States Strengthlifting Federation has officially transferred ownership.

For those that do not know me, my name is Jordan Stanton. A registered nurse by trade, I am a Starting Strength Coach, Starting Strength Online Coach, and owner of Stanton Strength. I am a competitive powerlifter and past strongman competitor. Learn more…

I am looking forward to bringing my experience and enthusiasm to elevate the USSF to the next level. I am pleased that we will be able to avoid the growing schism that was developing in Strengthlifting and to re-unify the sport under a single banner. This was the best option for all parties.

I have big plans for this federation and I aim to prove that I value the people that represent it. Over the coming months the USSF will see considerable development and I aim to be as transparent as possible during this process.

A few things I can share with you now.

  1. The rules are under full evaluation but going forward, meet directors are now given the allowance to play music at a low to moderate level. Our most requested change!
  2. The USSF is now officially partnered with Starting Strength.
  3. The USSF is officially sponsored by Starting Strength Online Coaching and Barbell Logic.
  4. I am working hand in hand with several new meet directors to create more events throughout the United States and beyond.
  5. The logo will be complete in the coming weeks..
  6. A custom database will be completed by October 1st that will allow searching past meets, competitor history, and records.
  7. A new video and image submission community page on our website at community. Share your best video or image of you lifting at a USSF sanctioned event and get a chance to win “lift on the month” including prizes.

…And much much more coming!

Let’s please thank Tom for his time served in developing the federation and let’s celebrate a bright future for the USSF!

Your USSF President,

Jordan Stanton, RN, SSC

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