Is this for Me?

Should I compete?

Have you been training seriously for at-least a few months? Then the answer is yes! Being a competitor doesn’t always mean trying to be the strongest person in the room, it is often a competition with ourselves. To prove to ourselves that we can increase our capabilities with diligent effort and focus. That through self-refinement we demonstrate that continuous progress is possible. That through trial with purpose we realize that becoming strong is powerful and meaningful. 

If you are an elite lifter looking to set a record in the sport, we welcome you too – everyone loves to see the limits of human capability. At the USSF we’ve created a rule-set and a format that best supports your ability to produce legitimate world records, based on well-defined standards, in a way that’s oriented around your safety. The manner in which we perform weigh outs, handle spotting, and judge attempts keeps our competitors safe and rewards the strongest.

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How should i prepare for my first meet?