2017 USSF Fall Classic

We are pleased to announce US Strengthlifting Federation’s Fall Classic.

The meets will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 28 and 29, 2017.

Strength meets are unique competitions that allow lifters to establish their one-repetition maximum attempts in the squat, press, and deadlift. Equipment allowed is limited to belts, knees sleeves, wrist wraps, and shoes. All deadlifts are pulled conventionally. Lifters don’t weigh in. They weigh out after their last deadlift attempt. The meets are run by Starting Strength Coaches from around the United States. Rules that govern the strength meets are available at:

US Strengthlifting Federation Rules (PDF)

The locations taking part, along with the meet directors, are shown below. Clicking on the location takes you to the sign up page for each meet.

Atlanta, GA – Alex Kennedy
Chicago, IL – David Abdemoulaie
Puyallup, WA – Andrew Jackson, Anna Marie Oakes Joudy
New Windsor, NY – Kelli Nielson
Oakland, CA – Tom Campitelli
Omaha, NE – Phil Meggers
Phoenix, AZ – Robert Santana
Singapore, SG – Shaun Pang
Westminster, MD – Beau Bryant
Wichita Falls, TX – Nick Delgadillo

All of the strength meets that take place as part of the 2017 Fall Classic will have their results combined and a national winner for women and men in the open and masters divisions will be announced. These meets will also serve as qualifying contests for a national competition to be held in January 14, 2018 in Oakland, CA. For the first year, successfully making a total in one of our sanctioned local meets will qualify you for the national competition.

We look forward to seeing you on the platform this October.