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What is the US Strengthlifting Federation?

What is the US Strengthlifting Federation?

The USSF has made several important changes to the sport of squatting, benching, deadlifting, and pressing. Learn more about what makes us unique...

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Do you have the courage the compete? Powerlifting, Strengthlifting, and Exhibition events are scheduled throughout the year...

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Sign up for a Membership

Sign up for a Membership

Competitors are required to carry a USSF membership. Thankfully the cost is only $25 and is good for LIFE. The application process is simple, start here...

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Deadlift Rule Change

In the spirit of supporting as many lifters as we can, an additional allowance for the deadlift has been provided: For any deadlift attempt weighing less then 65kg, a calibrated 10kg bumper of 450mm diameter and within 15grams of its marked value may be utilized to bring the deadlift bar to a sufficient height. Please…

Membership Rate Change

In order to keep up with the costs of insurance, maintenance, and future development the USSF will be increasing the rate of membership from $25 to $40 per year. We are dedicated to making this sport as accessible as possible and therefore we still retain the lowest cost of membership of any federation. Please do…

2019 Ruleset is Complete

The 2019 Strengthlifting Ruleset is complete! US Strengthlifting Technical Rules Change Highlights: Entirely reorganized and reformatted for readability. Added a Technical Rules Index. Clarified how winners are decided. Clarified divisions and classes. Added a Juniors category from 14-20. SQUAT “Any deliberate contact or any unintentional contact with the rack that would aid a lifter disqualifies…

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