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What is Strengthlifting?

What is Strengthlifting?

Strengthlifting has made several important changes to the sport of squatting, pressing, and deadlifting. Learn more about what makes us different...

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Do you have the courage the compete? There are meets going on all around the country, and more are added every week...

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Sign up for a Membership

Sign up for a Membership

Competitors, referees, and directors are required to carry a USSF membership in order to participate. The application process is simple, start here...

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Results from March 2018 Wichita Falls, TX Meet

Results are available from the meet this Saturday, 17 March 2018 at the Wichita Falls Athletic Club. You have your choice of a spreadsheet or a PDF. Thanks to everyone who participated and special thanks to the staff involved in running it. Meet Results Spreadsheet – Microsoft One Drive Meet Results Table – PDF

Nationals Results

We will have a larger write up with some pictures and the winners called out in about another week. Until then, here are the results from Nationals so that you can see what everyone lifted. 2018 Nationals Results – Excel – OneDrive

Streaming Video for Nationals

You asked for it. We are planning to stream video live from Oakland for the 2018 USSF National Championships. Since we just created our YouTube channel, we are not yet allowed to embed video here. Clicking on one of the images below will take you to your desired stream. A caveat here, however. We don’t…

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