2017 Starting Strength Challenge Results

Starting Strength Challenge Results

The 2017 Starting Strength Challenge is over and the full set of results are now available for your perusal.

2017 Starting Strength Challenge Results

Congratulations to Elizabeth Kelly and Jordan Feigenbaum, both competing in Oakland, CA, for their first place finishes in the combined Starting Strength Challenge. Donna Cerchia in Gardiner, NY and Daniel Crapanzano in New York City won first place in the masters division. All four of these lifters get free spots to the upcoming US Strengthlifting Nationals to be held in January 2018. Making a total in the Starting Strength Challenge or in the upcoming Fall Classic, to be held in October 2017, is a requirement to attend nationals. We hope to see you in an upcoming meet.

The linked document above is a PDF with lots of formatted tables. If you would like to access the digital data, the Excel file from which all of this came is also available for your use and abuse. Enjoy the results.

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