Sanctioning an Event

I am interested in running a Strengthlifting Event

Running a Strengthlifting event is a challenging but rewarding experience. It requires the meet director to organize venue, staff, advertising, equipment, t-shirts, prizes, and more. The task may appear daunting at first, but the monetary rewards, exposure, and building of community can be extremely rewarding. At the USSF we are here to make sure that your first and every event is a successful and rewarding endeavor.

Why sanction with the USSF?

With so many options in powerlifting why should you choose to run a Strengthlifting event with the USSF? Because we are different:

  • We have removed the unsafe practice of weigh-ins and replaced it with weigh outs. This is safer for your competitors and potentially simplifies the event. Weigh outs take place the day of the event and do not require you or your staff to manage a separate 24-hour weigh-in window.
  • Judging is simplified with the removal of commands and while our rule-set is thorough it is also easy to follow and implement.
  • Choose between the more spectator friendly overhead press or the more traditional bench press with the Strengthlifting or the Powerlifting variant respectively. 


  • The USSF is also one of, if not the easiest, federation to run an event for, and we provide the most support to our meet directors.
  • Once signed up as a Meet Director our Meet Director Portal provides numerous free resources.
  • In addition, the USSF provides high quality insurance to every sanctioned event that covers the director, the venue, the athletes, volunteers, staff, and more.

If you are interested in becoming our next meet director please contact us with the form below. We look forward working with you!