Run a Supporting Event

Running a Supporting Event

US Strengthlifting is looking to partner with coaches and gyms all around the nation that would like to run fun-focused lifting events. Run an event that supports lifters in performing their attempts for the online competition and we will:

  • Advertise your event on our website, newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Share your Facebook event
  • Repost lifts from your event
  • And generally encourage regional athletes to visit your gym

Running an Event is Easy!

Running a fun-focused lifting event can be done in a number of ways and we want to support your creativity. As long as there is a safe and supportive place for athletes to make and record their attempts we want you. This means you, smaller training studios, smaller gyms and gyms not setup to run large scale events. As long as you have barbells, plates, and safety measures you have the necessary equipment.