2019 Ruleset is Complete

The 2019 Strengthlifting Ruleset is complete!

US Strengthlifting Technical Rules

Change Highlights:

  1. Entirely reorganized and reformatted for readability.
  2. Added a Technical Rules Index.
  3. Clarified how winners are decided.
  4. Clarified divisions and classes.
  5. Added a Juniors category from 14-20.
  6. SQUAT “Any deliberate contact or any unintentional contact with the rack that would aid a lifter disqualifies the attempt” – use to read any contact at all.
  7. SQUAT “Any intentional loss of contact with the bar during the attempt results in a mandatory disqualification from the event. Any unintentional loss of contact with the bar during the attempt may result in disqualification from the event at the discretion of the Event Director for the safety of the athlete and staff.” – no longer mandatory for unintentional. Left to the meet director.
  8. PRESS “The starting position must be upright, with the knees and hips fully extended, and the chest up. The bar must start motionless below the level of the chin.”
  9. PRESS Removed the clause of excessive raising of the chin.
  10. PRESS Removed the requirement that the bar must start and end at the same height.
  11. PRESS “Any bending of the knees (a “push press”) disqualifies the attempt. Incidental unlocking of the knees that clearly does not contribute to upward motion is not a reason to disqualify an attempt.” – This will be judged more strictly.
  12. PRESS “Downward motion of the bar occurring from the start position but before upward motion, is permitted and is not a reason to disqualify an attempt.”
  13. Clarified lengths, thickness, and sizes of sleeves/wraps etc…
  14. Double crotch singlets are allowed.
  15. Elbow sleeves are allowed but only on the deadlift and squat.
  16. Bars can now be 28-29mm and 2200mm in length.
  17. EQUIPMENT “A kg denominated bar, weighing less then 20kg, may be used on the press, for any press attempt less than 20kg. It must be 25-29mm, fit securely and safely within the rack, and the sleeves must be standard diameter.”
  18. Clarified squat rack requirements.
  19. Clarified loading the barbell procedure.
  20. Clarified flight restrictions with minimums/maximums and bonus time at the end of rounds.
  21. Music is allowed.
  22. WEIGHT OUT : “Any athlete that weighs out more than one division above or below their stated weight class at registration, may be disqualified at the discretion of the Event Director. Disqualifications are given to athletes thought to be intentionally deceptive in order to gain an advantage.” – This is less strict then previously.
  23. Lift of the Night Award.
  24. Clarified all official positions including Judges, Announcers, Expediter, Scorekeeper, Timekeeper, Spotters/Loaders, and Platform Manager
  25. Waiver requirements.
  26. Event Director Reporting Requirements.

Live Q/A

February 17th, 2019 at 5PM Eastern Time Zone (UTC -0500) a live Q/A will take place on the USStrengthlifting Instagram Account. After taking time to look over the new rules, please submit your questions to usstrengthlifting@gmail.com.