2020 Ruleset is Live!

Here at the USSF we are excited for 2020 and for a few but very important rule changes that are intended to grow the community of lifters!

First and foremost we are most excited to announce the new Powerlifting Division of the USSF – USPowerlifting. The powerlifting division retains the weigh outs, the absence of commands, and the great community support, but replaces the overhead press with the more traditional bench press. In addition the sumo variant of the deadlift , hands inside the legs, will be permitted.

This new rule-set variant is intended to encourage new gyms to run our events and new athletes to compete, while retaining the most important sections of our rules. To view the new ruleset: click here

Two new weight classes have been added. A women’s 100kg class. And an Open 140kg.

An additional clothing option has been added that allows athletes to wear a tight fitting unitard underneath the traditional costume as long as it is of a single color and without pattern. In addition, headwear of a single color and without pattern, that does not obstruct the path of the bar, is allowed. It is our hopes that these additional options allow our more modest competitors the freedom to compete.

Lastly a deadlift spotter will now be designated to render aid in case of a syncopal event or other needs. This spotter will remain safely off the platform but at the ready.

We are excited to see what 2020 brings. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you on the platform.