The 2021 USSF Spring Powerlifting Challenge Goes Live

Beginning January 18th registration for the 2021 USSF Spring Powerlifting Challenge goes live.

Competition brings out the best in us and we could all use another reason to skip our coaches programming and hit heavy singles! Whether your gym has reopened (lucky!), or you lift in your own garage (luckier!), you are lifting in a singlet or your pajamas, are a champion powerlifting or a brand-new novice, Barbell Logic and the United States Strengthlifting Federation would like to invite you to join your community in setting new personal bests!

From March 1st to March 14th, athletes from around the world will submit their best Squat, Bench, and Deadlift (Sumo or Conventional). Completing a total in this competition will qualify you for the 2021 USSF National Powerlifting Championship.

This is a current event, for more information View Here

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